On September 28th the King will be in check

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The monarchy is the element that has less legitimacy of all the institutional framework of the current regime in Spain: because of its origin, as Juan Carlos was named by Franco as his successor under the title of king, and also because he has never had any popular referendum.

The king, head of the monarchy, has been an absolute exponent of the most terrible traits of the system over the last decades: participation in the last executions of dictatorship, involvement in the military coup “23-F”, contribution in various corruption cases, permanent private use of his status as Head of State…

In such a delicate economical and political moment as we are living, it is especially painful to see daily the ostentation, the overspend and the legal shield that the royal family shows before the astonished eyes of its “subjects” and the complicity of the system.

To step forward in the process of empowerment of the People (and at the same time, the only way to advance in a real Dismissal – Constituent Process) it is necessary to reach the abolition of the monarchy.

That is why, from “Coordinadora 25S”, we call on the whole society for a mass mobilization on September 28th under the slogan #JaquealRey (King in check).


Autor: Coordinadora 25s

La democracia solo es real si parte de abajo, organizada por la sociedad en su conjunto y no por una clase política al servicio del poder económico.


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