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The Coordinadora 25S has made public it’s support for an active participation in the General Strike called for the 14th of November. Throughout this day of mobilization and struggle, the Coordinadora will place all their endeavors, together with workers and organizations and social movements, to achieve a paralysis of the country in a Social General Strike, of production and consusmption.

But on the 15th, at 9am a new session of congress is beginning. We don’t know whether or not they will vote on the Debt budgets in this session, and we don’t know of the shame to send them to the Senate, or if in a new act of poltiical indignity and in contempt of the popular will they will have been cowardly approved on the same day—the 14th—turning deaf to the social rejection in the streets, a government and a political system in submission to the international financial power. A rejection which unites all the mobilizations of the Portuguese, Greek, and Italian citizenry into one historic international Strike against the payment of illegitimate European debts.

What we do know is that in consonance with our will to indefinitely struggle against these Budgets of Shame, there still is left ot us the night to continue mobilizing. That night, we reafirm our indignation against this swindle orchestrated against the citizenry and to instigate a Constituent Process towards a true democracy. One night to show our support to other struggles, like those evicted ones at Plaza del Celenque, or the workers shut inside of hospitals to defend Public Health.

The night will be long and cold, and it will come preceded by an intense day, but these difficulties will not hurt our convictions or strength. We are not afraid. Our permanence surrounding congress until the start of the Session, after a whole day of General Strike represents a bet for the general sustained mobilization, not excluding in the future a 48 hour General Strike, or perhaps Indefinite. It will be the night of disobedient ones which don’t accept the crude and antidemocratic constraints and threats agains the exercise of civil rights like protest and assembly.

We call on all workers, unemployed, evicted, and youth without future, to the pensioners. We call , definitively on all the citizenry assaulted and threatened by a politics of cut-backs which strips our rights and social victories.

This time we won’t leave. We’ll wait, peacefully, but with resolution for the arrival of those usurping popular sovereignty, belittling or betraying, voting or acting like carnival-goers in an institution which has become pathetic, empty of political content, and every day more distant from the will of the people, who it should in theory represent.

Whether they vote it the afternoon before or the next morning, we will demand to the deputies that they reject these anti-social budgets, generators of oppression and misery. We will demand, again, to the Government that proposes them, that it resign because it has betrayed its people.

They will have to hear us because on top of having the force of reason, we also have the power socially proportionate to a General Strike, which is elevated to the maximum power to a long night of non-violent resistance, strong in solidarity.

Against the Social Cut-backs, against Debt Budgets. For the opening of a Constituent Process which bails out Democracy.

Come after 19:30 to the Plaza del Neptuno, symbol of political conscience and citizen struggle, and stay to share a night of unity, resistance, and hope

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